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Liverpool Demolishes Norwich City And Leaves Them In Ruins




Live Updates From Anfield

7th minute. Hanley makes it one for Liverpool with an on goal after directing a well placed cross from Origi into his own net. By hook or by crook, Liverpool got this one to their advantage.

Liverpool Demolishes Norwich City And Leaves Them In Ruins

Stieppermann misses a clear cut chance in the 9th minute.

I5th minutes: Robertson after an advantage given by the refree, plays a beautiful ball over the bar. This came after a very wonderful attack from the Norwich side which saw a beautiful cross left for no one to make something of.

By the way, it looks like we already have a typical Pep Guardiola style from the Norwich side called Sweeper-keeper style, where the goal keeper passes the ball to the defender and play starts from there.

18th minute: Mohammed Salah finishes this one, after a defensive error in the 18 yard box to slot it into the bottom right corner of the post.

25th minute: And a wonderful shot by Stieppermann from outside the box was punched away by Allison.

28th minutes. Van Djyk scores after a beautiful corner from Mohammed Salah.

30th minutes. Tim Krul, Newcastle’s Shot stopper saves a goal-bounded goal by Firminho.

With the way it’s looking, it seems like more goals are yet to come as the Liverpool players keep penetrating the defense of the guys on yellow and green.

36th minute: Alisson Becker comes off after getting what looks like a hamstring from kicking the ball away for a goal lick.

37th minute: Adrian, former West Ham keeper makes his debut for Liverpool with a welcoming reception from the Liverpool fans.

41st minute: And more and more and more! Liverpool can’t stop scoring as Arnold comes off with a wonderful assist to Origi who in turn notches it into the top corne to make it four- nil for Liverpool.

There’s currently a massacre going at Anfield as we await the second half for more exciting football.

Stay tuned.

A little disruption in the way as the referees seem to be having issues with their communication gears.

And the game kicks off!

47th minuted: Henderson has a goal stopped by Tim Krul.

63 minutes: Pukki slots this one in for Norwich in a sleeky through ball which he had no problem slotted past Adrian.

73 minutes: Sergio Mane comes in for Origi.

85 minutes: Roberto Firminho comes in for James Milner.

And it ends 4-1 to Liverpool.

What a glorious start to the title challenge for Liverpool. If they can keep up with this tremendous display of football, I’m sure they can give big spenders, Mancity a run for their money.

Catch you guys tomorrow as we look to bring you another exciting edition of Saturday football.

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