SARS Should Leave Yahoo Boys Alone – Kosi Ugo



You see, the Nigerian Law Enforcement system is a big joke.In a country where you have the military mounting a check point. You also have the police doing the work of the FRSC. The SSS does the work of the NDLEA… You know, set of misplaced priorities everywhere!

I want to talk about SARS.

SARS Should Leave Yahoo Boys Alone - Kosi Ugo

Just like their name implies, they are supposed to be the Special anti-robbery squad. That is, their mission is to kick against anything robbery related.

But, I really don’t understand. Is it that there are no robbers to apprehend anymore; or that the thousands of people who get robbed on a daily basis are just a hoax or something?

So, why then are they going after “Yahoo boys” when we have a security agency responsible for that.

The economic and financial crime commission, EFCC was set up for a reason. They were were trained to fight any crime related to finance; so, shouldn’t anything pertaining to internet fraudsters be their work?

You see, we don’t understand something. There’s a reason why military personnels live in barracks. The military and civilian lifestyle are quite different. Those people have been trained a certain way and have lived a good part of their live fighting wars; you don’t expect to put these people where ordinary civilians live. We’ll be injured, brutalised and be put through several harsh treatments if soldiers lived with us. So, that’s why barracks are created; at least, whatever you do there, your fellow military personnel would deal with your accordingly.

Same thing goes for SARS. These men were picked from all branches of the military to handle the cases of robbery incidents. You can’t expect them to go after yahoo boys the normal way the EFCC would. SARS only understands the use of force and that’s why they are armed robbers nightmare. At the sight of any SARS personnel, armed robbers start shivering, because they’ve been known to be very brutal.

So, SARS going after yahoo boys who don’t have any dealings with arms or weapons is just plainly wrong. Why waste bullets on a rat when you can use a trap to catch it?

SARS should save their energy for the main hoodlums and leave internet fraudsters for the appropriate authorities.

SARS Should Leave Yahoo Boys Alone - Kosi Ugo

We are tired of unnecessary killings. We are tired of intimidation. We’re tired of being trespassed all the time by the special anti-robbery squad.

Just yesterday, I watched a video where some students of a university in Ogun state burnt the vehicles of SARS operatives and chased them out of the school premises.

This is how it starts. When you keep killing and detaining people illegally, the community no longer trusts you to do your job efficiently. And one day, just one day, the people you oppress shall rise up against you and resist your oppression.
There’s a limit to what every man can take.

©Kosi Ugo


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