How I Rescued A Girl From Prostitution



How I Rescued A Girl From Prostitution

Kosi Ugo, A Facebook user and blogger at ,talks about how he saved his friend from prostitution by showing her an act of kindness.

“Kosi, when will you write about my story?” She asked me.

“Ha! Would you really want me to? It’s kind of personal, you know?” I replied, wondering why she’d be comfortable with me writing about her past.

“Yeah, but you saved my life. You taught me the true meaning of what life was all about. You made me realise my purpose. You made me realize that there are still good people in the world. If not for you, I wonder what would have become of me. So, please, Koko, write my story. Let the world know about the girl you saved.” She begged.

“Mma, this is kinda going to be hard for me to write. Are you sure you can put up with it? I mean, reading your former life displaying right in front of you…?”

“Yes, Koko. I can. That past doesn’t define me anymore. I’m a whole different person right now. So, write about me, Koko…”

It all began in my year two.

Mma was a Semi-tushed prostitute whom I had as a friend.

I don’t know, but I’ve always had very bad people close to me.

You see, I’ve never been the one to judge a person.

Eminem once said in his song, beautiful, “Walk in my shoes and see if it fits.”

The song kinda helped me while growing up, because I understood that people did things for a reason. And if I was opportune to find myself in their situation, I might do worse.

So, I rolled with the bad guys a lot; was close with them, but not too close for comfort.

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Mma was one of those prostitutes who didn’t need to stand on the streets to hawk her wares.

She was connected to a particular cult that put a phone call across to her when someone needed her cervix or service, anyone…

At that time, she was schooling and she lived directly opposite me. A year higher than my level, I should add.

I got to know about her dealings when she opened up to me after we became friends.

Food was what actually brought us together. Anytime she cooked, she would always called me to come eat.

I had just parked into the lodge and I noticed she was never at home on Fridays, and weekends. Anytime you see her on a weekend, just know that Mother Nature paid her a visit.

So, one day, during one of those babe-you-cook-anything? visit to her room, she told me everything.

How she was a runs girl and all that.

She told me she was the one training herself in the university, because her parents didn’t want her to study what she was currently studying.

She had actually been looking for admission for years to no avail and finally decided to opt for a lower course, since she was always applying for medicine.

Her father didn’t allow her initially, but she made a deal with him that she was going to switch to a higher department when she entered her year two.

That was the only reason her father paid her school fees in year one.

Then, along the line, she found out that she’d have failed terribly if she had gotten admission to study Medicine. Her current course wasn’t as hectic and time-consuming as medicine, but she was struggling to catch up.

She said she called her father who then told her it was either Medicine or something related to it, or she’d have to see herself through school on her own.

That was how she found herself into the runs business.

She told me all this as I helped myself to the spaghetti she served me.

Who was I to judge? Like I said, everyone has their story. How would I have survived if my parents said they won’t be training me anymore in school? Walk in someone’s shoes before you say your shit!

From that day, we became very tight friends and gist partners.

I got to know of prominent staffs in the university who she was having sex with.

Her lecturers who wanted to sleep with her or had already slept with her before she could pass a course.

Rich boys who drove the latest cars who just wanted sex and nothing more.

She told me about a lot of prominent politicians who she had something going on with.

But one thing I observed about her was her school life. She never joked with it!

She never missed a lecture throughout Monday to Friday. Except when they had a free day, she always went to school.

Her dedication to school was what baffled me.

I remember asking her one time if she doesn’t get calls from clients on working days.

She told me the people who ring her for jobs already know her answers to jobs that didn’t fall in weekends.

This kept going on for as long as I remember.


One day she came home crying.

I was in my room when I heard a knock on my door.

“Mma, this one you are back home this early on a Friday, what happened?” I asked as I observed her dull facial expression.

“Koko, thank God for my life ooo. By now, I’d have been a dead girl.”

” What happened?” I asked.

She then went on to narrate how a client had called and asked that she come to Delta state. Normal her asked for T-fare, which the man sent. Man said he was going to send his driver or pick her up when she got to Asaba.

To try and cut the long story short.

After the sex, she was dizzy and went to bed.

Only for her to wake up with a start to see five men with Knives in their hands, tying white wrappers all surrounding her and reciting incantations.

The only reason why her life was spared was because she woke up and shouted. According to one of the men, her waking up showed she was a bad omen. For she wasn’t supposed to wake until their incantations were over and it was time to cut her body parts.

That was how she was thrown out in the middle of a road. The man gave her some money to use as transport, but she threw it away. She then used her ATM to go the bank and withdraw.

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That was how she was able to get back to Awka.

I remember her saying to me, “Kosi, I no dey do again ooo. This would ever be the last.”

I didn’t know she was serious, until several weeks passed and this girl didn’t go out for the usual.

My friend had found genuine repentance.

I was happy for her.

I cherished her even more for making a decision and standing with it.

She used up the money she had saved from runs to see herself for some months.

It was probably that much, for she wasn’t working, but she could afford basic things.

I remember walking into her room and overhead her during a conversation.

“Nne, I no get choice. I’m very broke to stupor. I need the money. I’ll do it. Shey him go pay better money?”

Those were the words I heard her say.

For the first time since I knew her, I sat her down.

“Chidimma. I see you want to return back to where you just came out from.”

“Kosi, you won’t understand. I’m in final year. I am supposed to have started my project, but I haven’t because of funds. Exams are coming up and I am not sure I would be writing them because I haven’t paid my fees. Kosi, what do you want me to do? I’m tired! I’m fucking tired! I’ve seen myself through school all these years. Is it now I’m in final year that I’m going to quit?”

She said admist sobs.

I remembered crying with her.

You see, if you’re not ready to do something to lift someone off their situation, don’t advise them against the only option they have.

For the past few months, my friend had stayed clean. When she was thriving in business, she always assisted me anytime I needed anything. I had never gone hungry or broke for once, even after she stopped runs, she assisted me the best way she could.

I had to act now or if she got back to doing runs, I knew it was going to be worse for her. For coming out of something because you saw danger and going back to that same thing to prevent another danger stiffens the heart and makes one hardened.

I thought of what to do.

My uncle had just transferred my monthly allowance of 50k to me.

I then did something that shocked both her and myself.

I asked for her account number and transferred the whole 50k to her.

She was shocked when she saw the alert!

I was even more shocked when my bank sent me a debit alert to say that the 50k I was supposed to use for my feeding had disappeared into someone else’s account.

I remember her asking me why I did it.

“Mma, use 20k to pay your school fees. And use the remaining 30k to sort out stuffs for your project. Thank God you still have foodstuffs, at least you can be feeding.”

I remember her crying as she hugged me tightly. I remember crying too, for it was a very emotional scene.

Fast forward to today…

She recently posted pictures of her during her NYSC camp.

My heart was gladdened. I saw a fulfilled girl who defied all the odds to get to where she is today.

“Kosi, you know… You taught me something when you gave me that 50k. You see, I have never had someone give me money without asking for sex in return during my years as a runs girl. You were the first person to ever give me money without asking for sex. It got me thinking throughout that day. I then understood that the reason why men wanted sex from me in exchange for money, is because they knew I was willing to give it. You made me understand that people would only ask you for what they feel you can offer. You felt I could offer more than just sex. You felt I could offer more than just my body. You felt I deserved to be useful with my body and that’s the reason why you gave me that money. It actually worked, for you changed the way I reasoned from that moment. You changed my life for good, Koko. Or Koko Fierce, that’s your new name, right?”

We both laughed.

“Write about me, Koko. Tell your people I now make beautiful foot wears which I sell to clients. I’m not where I want to be, yet. But you gave me hope and that’s what’s driving me to keep pushing.”

Awka, Anambra city.

©Kosi Ugo


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